Expert Medical Billing For Woodstock Osteopaths

Cornerstone Medical Billing supplies helpful medical billing services for osteopath practices in the Woodstock area, and throughout the east coast, while also freeing up your time and effort to work on practice growth and supervision. Cash flow is a major pillar of your business results. Without money coming in, objectives can not be fulfilled.

We will assist you with medical billing, to stabilize your financial foundation, reduce your workload, raise capital return for services, improve billing patterns on a monthly basis, handle billing queries by your patients, and manage patient documents and balance collections.

Let our team alleviate your stress!  We are able to assist you with :

– Medical Billing

– Patient Statements

– Collections

– Paperless system

– Weekly and monthly reports including, but not limited to, ICD-10 code denial trends, aging reports, collections, outstanding balances, and trends within your prospective specialty. Reports will be tailored to your offices needs and goals.

– Live support meetings daily and weekly for new clients.

– Live support meetings monthly for all clients.

– Direct deposit for your insurance payments.

– On site training and set-up may be arranged at clients request

Cornerstone appreciates what both the office personnel and the osteopath needs to be successful in Woodstock. Communication, reports, prompt turn around for claims, and detailed updates to the ever changing landscape of insurance and healthcare guidelines.

Cornerstone Medical Billing was developed by a physician who was constantly dissatisfied by other billing services. If collections were effective, communication was weak, which inevitably affected collections. If communication was reliable, the ability to collect for services provided was weak. In most cases, instruction for evolving guidelines with billing was an afterthought. All great things are born from need, and a quality billing service serving the Baltimore/Washington area was needed.

This is exactly why Cornerstone was created. To provide a professional and effective medical billing service for you, that reduces stress, educates the staff and health professionals, and maximizes collections for services rendered. And of course, the lost art of great customer service. Let us help you!

Call us today at 443-543-8000!